LundbergTech News

Sep 12, 2016

Launch of MatrixCutter to the American Market

Lundberg Tech present latest development in Matrix Waste Extraction at LabelExpo Americas 2016.

Lundberg Tech will for the first time show MatrixCutter 140 all-in-one to the American market on LabelExpo Americas 2016.

The MatrixCutter 140 is designed for handling adhesive matrix and edge trim waste from label printing and converting machines.

A funnel capturing the waste is positioned close to the roll normally winding up the matrix waste. By vacuum the matrix and the edge trim waste is conveyed into the funnel and into the granulator, where the waste is cut into small pieces. From the granulator the waste is transported into the transport ventilator, from where the small pieces of waste are blown into the separator where the air and waste is separated.

The waste is dropping down into a compactor and the air is brought out through a filter in which the air is cleaned from dust. The compactor compresses the waste material by feeding the waste into a screw system. The screw is bringing the waste a compression zone from which it is pressed out through an outlet on which a tube plastic sack is placed and continuously obtaining the compressed waste.

The lubrication system with silicone oil are securing that knifes in the granulator is kept clean from glue and as such keeping the granulators high cutting efficiency.

The inside coating/treating of all parts transporting the waste giving a non-adhesive surface, is ensuring that the waste consisting open glue is not sticking to the inside surface and as avoiding blocking.

Please visit us in booth 5327.