Colognia press – Label Converting

Handling the waste from PP and PE materials with a Lundberg Tech MatrixCompactor has generated a much more smooth and efficient waste handling process

Colognia press, a.s. has +25 years of experience in the label industry producing e.g., self-adhesive labels. The company is one of the largest printing companies in Czech Republic, however, is also exporting to 18 countries in the world.

Label production generates waste which must be taken care of. In 2019 Colognia press decided to optimise their current manual waste handling process as they were looking for a solution that would impact the entire way of handling their production waste. Fruitful talks with Lundberg Tech led to the investment in an automated All-in-one Unit to handle the waste.

Since the Lundberg Tech MatrixCompactor 140MSC unit has been installed in the Colognia press facility, it has been handling the waste from PP and PE materials.

“We now have an automated waste handling solution, which takes care of our edge and matrix waste. Since the installation of our Lundberg Tech unit we have gained a much more smooth and efficient waste handling process”, Dušan Převrátil, Production and Technical Director, Colognia press, a.s. explains.


He adds,

“The optimised waste handling in our production means that we have freed up space inside the production hall because the waste is collected centrally”.


“In combination with the installed automatic winding systems from Martin Automatic, the Lundberg Tech system is a perfect match as we experience productivity increases of more than 20% due to a non-stop production. We now avoid material loss caused by production stops, which means huge savings for us. In the end this leads to a satisfactorily short payback period of the waste handling investment”, he continues.

“We are very satisfied with the MatrixCompactor as it has also increased our throughput”, Dušan Převrátil concludes.


— Colognia press, a.s.