Ningbo Zhuoyue Printing – Label Converting

Ningbo Zhuoyue Printing needed an effective and smart looking solution for trim waste handling for their new factory – they now have a customised Central System

Ningbo Zhuoyue Printing Co., Ltd. in China belongs to Ningbo Shuanglu Battery Group and provides label production service for the OEM battery producers.

Lundberg Tech China had their first contact and talk with Ningbo Zhuoyue Printing at Label Expo Asia in 2019. When the Ningbo Zhuoyue Printing label manufacturing facility was about to relocate into a newly built plant in August 2021, they were looking for an effective and smart looking solution for their trim waste. In their old plant the trim was removed by a blower and piled up very quickly in boxes placed next to the machines.

So, Ningbo Zhuoyue Printing reached out to Lundberg Tech for a solution to capture trims off 4 slitters with a single collection point in the waste room. A dialogue started and resulted in the fact that Lundberg Tech designed a customised set-up. This led to an investment in a Central System with two GR140 Granulators and an antistatic system that allows handling of plastic foil trim as well as paper. The installation of the system was completed in December 2021.

“The recently installed Lundberg Tech system is a perfect match for our new production hall and is an important part of our project to build automated lines ”, says Zheng Bo, CEO, Ningbo Zhuoyue Printing Co., Ltd.

“Factory operators only need to lead the trim to the suction point and the system collects it and conveys it into the waste room – it is clean, fast, convenient, and reliable. It has significantly improved our production work environment and reduced the workload for our staff”, concludes Zheng Bo.


— Ningbo Zhuoyue Printing Co., Ltd.