Stratus – Label Converting

STRATUS PACKAGING Group, a leading European manufacturer of printed labels, chooses Lundberg Tech waste handling solutions to assist in its CSR and Lean Management approach

Mr Isidore LEISER, President and Mr Jean-Jacques COMBEMOREL, Operations Manager, initiated new management practices within the STRATUS PACKAGING Group to improve their customers’ satisfaction by looking for enhancements within their company, at all levels.

In the above context, keeping in mind the internal development and performance improvement goals of the STRATUS PACKAGING Group, Lundberg Tech offered a global solution for waste handling: Matrix removal, trim extraction, cutting the waste into small pieces, conveying the waste by vacuum, compacting and transporting it as well as obtaining air recycling.

An optimised waste handling process that includes Lundberg Tech solutions now guides STRATUS PACKAGING Group towards sustainability by working on the label recycling process and energy consumption reduction. The new waste handling practices also protect their employees’ health by reducing the difficult working conditions.

The installed Lundberg Tech waste handling solutions also allow for production efficiency: Less machine stops thanks to continuous extraction and consequently low material waste. It is possible to work with narrow trims and increase production speed, and the operators can focus on the production.

The first company to be equipped with a Lundberg Tech waste handling solution was STRATUS ETINORD. Their main activity is adhesive label production. A central waste handling system has been installed which is collecting the waste on every production line. The second site, STRATUS SEEC IML factory, manufactures In Mould Labels and works with very thin (50μ) synthetic supports. The challenge was to collect the waste at their generation point and to cut and convey very static material to prepare it for recycling.

“The project Lundberg Tech production waste handling at ETINORD and SEEC enabled us to improve security at work for our employees and to provide more ergonomic workstations. Thanks to a better engagement rate of the machines, less impacted by unwelcomed stops, we also experience a productivity increase”, explains Mr Isidore LEISER, President.


The waste handling project was locally managed and installed by TECHPACK, the Lundberg Tech partner in France. TECHPACK will also be in charge of the maintenance and service of the waste handling solutions to make sure that STRATUS PACKAGING Group will keep their production machines running.