Reduce Energy Consumption – and save money

The prevailing worldwide energy crisis has a huge impact on both our personal and business life. We all need to look at ways to reduce energy consumption.

Transporting waste from production machines can be costly, especially if you use a system with one trim blower on each of your production machines. Trim blowing systems, venturi systems, are typically quite expensive to operate as you have one blower pushing the waste on each of your production lines.

Lundberg Tech uses a vacuum system to convey waste and our one vacuum fan typically uses 3-4 times less energy than a traditional venturi system – something that is easy measurable on your energy usage. The central vacuum fan also gives a huge noise reduction in your production, as the fan in a Lundberg Tech system is normally placed in a noise reducing cabinet away from your main production area.

Lundberg Tech provides tailored solutions to your specific needs – you can even start with a rental unit.