Edge Trim Extration System

The granulator from Lundberg Tech convert the usual mess of edge trim waste into a pile of confetti, which easily can be collected in a back, compressed in a compactor or blown into remote storage. With a Lundberg edge trim extraction cutter the waste volume reduce up to 95% which means a big saving on the cost of disposal.

When edge trim extraction is deployed on all converting, slitting and process machines the plant efficiency increases as the operators can turn their complete attention on production and not on trim extraction, which mean cease to frequently interruption to empty waste containers.

Lundberg Tech has been supplying edge trim extraction and trim removal system since beginning of the 1980ies. Lundberg Tech was among the recognize the waste extraction problem created by edge trim. This have lead the development of Lundberg Tech granulator product line and all-in-on unit TrimCutter and WasteTech.

Lundberg Tech edge trim extraction system can also handle edge trims with adhesives or glue residues. The special anti-adhesive system prevents the edge trim to stick or block the granulator and an oil lubrication system delivers a drop of oil to the cutting blades to prevent material adhesion.

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