Edge Trim Removal

Lundberg Tech are specialist in edge trim removal, our edge trim removal system collects the edge trim direct from the production machine with vacuum. Then cut it to confetti sized pieces with the Lundberg Tech granulator and convey it to disposal point. Then edge trim is easy to handle and compact to further reduce the volume.

Lundberg Tech’s production-line edge trim waste capture and handling systems are well-known for:

• Increased productivity due to the continuous capture of edge trim
• Handling of paper, plastic, cardboard, textiles and light metal
• Reduction of volume of waste by continuous cutting
• Reduction of dust by waste collection in a closed system
• Collection of materials with open glue

Lundberg Tech can handle edge trim waste from many kinds of machines including:

• Packaging machines
• Etiquette machines
• Enveloping machines
• Printing Machines
• Slitting machines

Lundberg Tech can provide edge trim waste handling solutions by:

Designing and installing central systems which can include a pipe system for the capture of edge trim, granulators and cutters, ventilators, separators, filters (also for returned air), a unit for the collection of the cut waste, an electrical control system complete with a connected pipe system and full documentation.

Supplying WasteTech “all-in-one” units which can handle edge trim waste from up to 3 machines and collect it in a sack or compress it with WasteCompactor for an easy disposal.

Our experience is your guarantee for a efficient trim removal system.