Lundberg Tech 10✔️ granulator and transport ventilator technology

Do you know the difference between granulator, chopper fan and venturi. Here is a head-to-head comparison of the different waste handling technologies with a review of granulator and transport ventilator technology.

Review of granulator technology

Air conveyed waste handling
- Granulator waste handling technology use vacuum created by a transport ventilator to capture the waste and convey it to a disposal point where it is collected.

Can handle flexible packaging
- Granulator cuts both thick and thin material, flexible and even rigid waste. By cutting to even size pieces avoids blocking.

Cut waste to small pieces
- Granulator cut the waste into small pieces, which benifit an easy transport as reduced air speed needed to convey.

Cut waste to target size
- Granulators cut waste to target sized pieces, all depending on purpose. Granulators can be equiped with 2- 12 knives, hole shield and syncronized with the speed of process machines.

Multiple process machines connected
- With granulators it is easy to connect multiple machines

Low energy consumption
- Granulators are energy efficient solutions, that use less energy as less airflow is needed when conveying cut pieces.

Low noise level
- Granulators scissor cutting principle, optimized air flow and robust housing minimize noise to the lowest possible level.

Reduced waste volume
- Granulators systematic waste handling avoid unnecessary air pockets and distributes the waste even at the disposal point.

Prepared for recycling
- Granulator cutting waste into even sized pieces, is the best way to convert it into feeding stock for chemical or mechanical recycling. Alternativly cutting it for repurposing in a new function there are different from what it was originally produced for.

Future ready
- Granulators are allready prepared to handle any new type of material the future will bring. It can handle complex multilayer or thin mono layer materials with stif, regid, elastic and flexible material properties. Disruption in production with new machinery are just easy to connect and granulators will scale with your waste handling demands.