Trim removal systems

Lundberg Tech is a Danish company with more than 25 years of experience with developing trim removal systems. We develop and manufacture unique granulators and cutters sold not only to own waste handling projects.

Lundberg Tech was the first in the market to provide solutions for in-line waste management of matrix in the production of labels. The solutions are based upon special granulators and cutters containing a lubrication system, which allows materials with open glue to be cut and special inside surface treatment of pipes conveying the waste.

Lundberg Tech also has solutions for waste management of high-value items, which helps compacting the waste.

What is a trim removal system?

A trim removal system is a system that reduces the size of your waste. A trim removal system compresses your waste so it takes up lesser space and is easier to store and remove.

A trim removal system is often beneficial, both for the people disposing of waste and for the company that collects it. A trim removal system therefore plays an important role in ensuring that your production can run smoothly.

Lundberg Tech’s unique trim removal system

At Lundberg Tech we have developed our very own trim removal system which consists of our machine called WasteCompactor. 

Our WasteCompactor is responsible for collecting and compacting the waste for an easy disposal or recycling.

It can subsequently be connected either our own WasteTech machine or your own central system. Our solution will provide the flexibility to compact a wide range of different materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, rubber, textiles, nonwovens, laminates, tapes and labels. Our solutions are therefore many used by companies that work with industries such as the healthcare industry, the packing industry and the textile industry among many others.

The Lundberg Tech trim removal system consists of


  • Funnel to capture waste with vacuum
  • Granulator to cut waste into confetti sized pieces
  • Pipesystem where the waste is conveyed
  • Ventilator which create the vacuum
  • Airspearator where the air and waste is separated
  • WasteCompactor where the waste are compressed and waste volume reduced


At Lundberg Tech we can help you with compactor waste management and we also offer maintenance service on all Lundberg Tech WasteCompactors and similar units. Our machines are characterized by their long-life time value and their relatively low maintenance cost compared to many of our competitors.


Increase your productivity and minimize costs

The main reason why a business would want to invest in a trim removal system is for the purposes of volume reduction and to make is possible to have the production run non-stop by collecting the waste.

Non-compacted waste occupies up to 20 times more dumpster space than when compacting waste.

A trim removal system can improve your waste management greatly and reduce waste collection costs. A trim removal system can also save time and increase your overall efficiency.

For your employees, a trim removal system can also help to improve the working environment, since your employees will not have the same trouble as before when it comes to removing your waste.

The Lundberg Tech WasteCompactor comes with several benefits:

  • It reduces the volume of the waste material to less than 20% of the original size
  • It is easy to connect to WasteTech and other central systems
  • It makes it easy to handle the compacted waste

Let us help you find the right solution to your waste problems If your company is dealing with a lot of waste, you should consider acquiring a trim removal system. There are many different types of trim removal systems and different options to consider.

At Lundberg Tech we have many years of consulting companies within many different industries and therefore we know that every company has different needs. Our specialists are always ready to help you to find the best possible waste handling solution for your company.

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