Waste extraction systems

An effective waste extraction system plays a key role in ensuring high productivity for any modern industrial company.

At Lundberg Tech we have been developing state of the art waste handling systems for more than 30 years. Our many years of experience has provided us with a unique insight into many different industries across the world, which we can use to help you optimize how you work with waste removal in your company. 

What is a waste extraction system?

A waste extraction system is designed to extract waste such as trim and matrix from your production processes or your machines and whereafter it is transported in a high velocity air stream to a central area where it can be stored until it has to be disposed of or transported to a recycling facility.

A waste extraction system thus plays a crucial role in ensuring effective waste management at any modern production facility.

Investing in a modern waste extraction system will increase your productivity greatly

At Lundberg Tech we have more than 30 years of experience when it comes to developing state of the art waste management solutions. Today we know that the majority of companies all over the world are facing higher and higher demands in regard to their productivity.

However, most companies still use old fashioned waste management solutions which have many negative consequences. Today most companies spend a lot of time and resources on disposing of their waste. In many situations the entire production has to be halted in order to get rid of the waste that is created during the productions process.

But our waste extractions systems are different.

Typically, our systems collect and transport waste trim, off cuts and production waste generated during the production without having to halt your production.

This means that your production line never has to stop, and this increases your company’s overall productivity greatly.

Our waste handling systems are designed to handle a large variety of materials including:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines and commercially printed products
  • Corrugated or carton board products and packaging
  • Foil or film products such as beverage cans and food packaging
  • Carpet and textile products
  • Self-adhesive products such as pharmaceutical labeling

With one of our edge trim extraction cutter your overall waste volume can be reduced by up to 95% which means a big saving on the cost of disposal.

Our waste extraction system can furthermore both be incorporated into an existing waste removal system or be supplied as part of a complete centralized system.

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