ProPrint Group – Packaging

ProPrint Group has gained a fully automated line with no stops

The UK based ProPrint Group is a packaging company focused on delivering high quality printed labels, cartons, sleeves and other packaging solutions.

The ProPrint Group was using a lot of time and energy on removing the matrix from their production machines. In their efforts to optimise this heavy workload a cooperation with Lundberg Tech was initiated.

A customised MatrixCompactor 200 was the ideal solution for ProPrint Group. The Lundberg Tech system handles waste from 2 machines.

“The addition of the Lundberg Tech System has helped us in implementing a fully automated line. We no longer have to stop the press to take off the large matrix waste reels, and also we can run the press faster as we are not limited by the structure of the waste reels”, says Bob Green, Operations Manager at ProPrint Group.


“The team at Lundberg were on hand to get us up and running and are also very helpful regarding the technical support”, Bob Green finishes.


— ProPrint Group