Shanghai Wanfeng – Extrusion of Film

Lundberg Tech Central System for 2 lamination machines completely eliminates manual handling inside the Shanghai Wanfeng production hall

Shanghai Wanfeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Is a Chinese producer of plastic film material for the packaging industry.

Before the Lundberg Tech waste handling installation, the company was blowing the trim waste away from the machines onto the factory floor. Therefore, they were facing trim waste accumulation on the factory floor, which was very impractical to collect manually. The volume of the trims and speed with which the waste accumulated was overwhelming.

In September 2022, Shanghai Wanfeng heard about Lundberg Tech and the solution with Granulators. They forwarded an inquiry to Lundberg Tech, and the local Lundberg Tech team in China concluded the optimal solution to be: 2 Granulators catching trims from two lines of lamination machines, pipeline, an air-separator connected to the customer’s baler, a transport ventilator as well as a balance ventilator with frequency converters, an antistatic system, cartridge filter and e-control.

Shanghai Wanfeng was very satisfied with the solution suggested by Lundberg Tech, and therefore placed the order without hesitating.

Two months later, in November 2022 Shanghai Wanfeng already had a new Central System installed with two Granulators on each machine, cutting edge trim off two lamination machines, transporting it smoothly into their baler.

“We’ve very happy with the Lundberg Tech Central System. It has completely eliminated manual handling inside the production hall as well as significantly cleaned up the floor space, which now looks tidy and organised”, explains Mr Li, Plant Director, Shanghai Wanfeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd.


Quickly after the installation the customer purchased another spare Granulator, a GR140.

Communication will continue with Shanghai Wanfeng to ensure that they receive the best after service and to anticipate their future needs for more waste handling installations.



— Shanghai Wanfeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd.