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Oct 3, 2019

Geostick invests in Lundberg Tech Central Label Waste Extraction System

Dutch label converter Geostick ordered a Lundberg Tech central waste management system at Labelexpo Europe 2019, as it seeks to accommodate expanded production capacity and further improve its sustainability.

Dutch and Danish Family Enterprises Enhance Each Other’s Future at LabelExpo Europe ‘19

Geostick invests in Lundberg Tech Central Label Waste Extraction System

The family run business Geostick started in Amsterdam in 1924 as producers of enamel signs.

Since 1975 producer of self-adhesive labels, now core business.  Ownership has always been with the “Berveling family”. From 1988 the 3rd generation is running Geostick with Mr. Peter Berveling.

Over the years Geostick has had autonomic growth as well as expansion by take overs. Currently working from three production facilities in Uithoorn, The Hague and Heumen in NL. Turnover has grown from 5 Mio in 1990, to 10 Mio in 1997, to 15 Mio in 2006, 61 Mio in 2018 aiming for 100 Mio in the centennial year of 2024.

In order to achieve this goal Geostick has decided to invest in a new digital label production facility in Uithoorn NL. The building construction works have started this month with goal to realise the Digital Printing Centre in June 2020.

To accommodate the new production Geostick has decided to integrate a Lundberg Tech Central Matrix and Trim Extraction system.

75 Years “young”, Lundberg Tech was established in 1946 and is today a privately family owned company situated on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. Right from the beginning, Lundberg Tech worked on customer centred development, manufacturing and service solutions, which in the beginning of the 1980s brought the company to the subject of waste handling.

Today Lundberg Tech develops and manufactures a broad line of own granulators and waste extraction systems. Thanks to a unique concept Lundberg Tech is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of waste handling systems “from the printing, die cutting and slitting machines to the collection unit”. Today there are more than 4000 Lundberg Tech waste handling solutions in the market.

Geostick ordered a comprehensive extraction system to convert waste by capturing trim and self-adhesive matrix, cut waste with special granulators, convey waste by air, collect and compact waste in a press container and return clean air into the production . At commissioning 12 machines producing die cutting matrix and trim will be connected but the system will be ready for doubling the capacity in the future.

Lundberg contributes to process optimisation within new standards for sustainable production. Produce more with less recourses: 

  • reduce waste of volume: by cutting and compacting, minimization of materials used, increase of recycling ability
  • reduce waste of human recourses: no heavy lifting, clean environment, less noise, no manual cutting of waste
  • reduce waste of time : automated conveying, decrease of machine down time, increase of machine speed
  • reduce waste of money : cost saving in disposal, reduction of man power, less requirement for factory space
  • reduce waste of energy : less machine start stops, adjustable conveying capacity, reduced air flow due to cut material, savings in transport of waste


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