LundbergTech News

Nov 27, 2019

2017... 2018... 2019 GAZELLE

As previously mentioned, Lundberg Tech has been elected Gazelle (2019) for the 3rd year in a row by the financial newspaper Børsen.

Today at the celebration of all the Gazelles, Lundberg Tech was acknowledged with Børsen’s special award - the Manufacturing Gazelle 2019 in the region of Sealand.

This award is given only one time each year in each of the four regions Denmark is divided into and it is given to a company that through development and innovation has strengthened its’ position as well as its’ marked.

The award was received on stage by Chairman,Leif Hansen.

Thanks to all our customers, partners and not least our fantastic employees.

A Gazelle is a company that over the past four years has experienced continuous growth in revenue or gross profit, and overall has more than doubled its turnover or gross profit in the period while maintaining profitable results.