LundbergTech News

Dec 16, 2015

Granulator GR-series

The Lundberg Tech Granulator GR-series is the most comprehensive and advanced in the market and even in stainless steel.


Granulators from Lundberg Tech are industry wide known from the high quality and durability in the field of vacuum waste handling. We manufactures custom-made granulators to handle extra wide waste materials. We can manufacture granulator’s base on your specification with inlet width from 50mm-800mm and even in stainless steel.

GR200 is design heavy duty applications a can handle air amounts up to 4000 m3/hour and high torque which makes it easy to handle muliple layers of patper, cartor plastic nonwovern and Label Matrix with a width in excess of 20".

The Granulator options now consist of:
- Number of knifes 2,3,6,9,12 - 3 is standard
- Lubrication system
- Nonstick coating
- Hole shield
- Stainless steel for food and pharmaceutical requirements
- Motor with 1400/2800 RPM or with frequency motor which as well could be synchronized to the speed of the machine to ensure equal size of the waste nevertheless the process machine speed
- Granulators made to specific requirements based on the GR 55 platform, with a range from 55mm up to 800mm.


All granulators up to GR250 can be delivered from stock.

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