LundbergTech News

Feb 24, 2020

“We have got few nice Granulators GR140MS2 from Lundberg Tech and are fully happy! Thank you and your company!”

was the spontaneous comment from Mr. Alexander Peredero, Maintenance Supervisor at UPM Raflatac in Saint Petersburg, when taking the granulators into use.

In the autumn 2019, the new slitting and distribution terminal from UPM Raflatac in Chelyabinsk (Russia) decided to purchase five Granulators GR140 MS2 from Lundberg Tech with  lubrication systems and anti-stick coating for chopping endless trims of label stock material into small pieces. Clean, efficient and with low energy consumption, it is transported by vacuum to a collection point in the disposal area.


Sustainability is the core of UPM Raflatac’s philosophy when developing innovative label designs to help customers to reach beyond their sustainability goals. It starts within managing challenges of label waste. Turning waste into a resource is a must in the circular economy and an important part of company’s approach on the road to zero landfill waste.


In other words, the granulators work impeccably and support the company’s aim to reach their sustainable goals.


—UPM Raflatac (Russia)