LundbergTech News

Apr 27, 2021

Testimonial from Boohoo

“Clean environment, effectiveness & little space consumption with WasteTech 400U”

These are just some of the advantages when using the efficient Lundberg Tech’s waste handling equipment, according to Boohoo’s Maintenance & Planning Manager, Paul Daughtry.

“With continuous vacuum transport of edge trims straight into a TubeBag, life has become easier for our Intralogistics Department as the staff no longer suffers from handling heavy rolls and can focus on being more productive”, he explains.

Productiveness and environmental issues are important to the successful clothing company as they are extremely busy distributing 100% recyclable parcel bags with clothes worldwide.

The WasteTech unit has reduced the need for maintenance Boohoo’s conveying system tremendously due to a much cleaner working environment, which is an additional advantage.

“Dealing with a responsive supplier, overcoming import challenges since Brexit is also highly appreciated by Boohoo and worth mentioning”, Paul Daughtry finishes.

— Boohoo Group PLC