LundbergTech News

Mar 23, 2017

Recyclable material inline

Recyclable material inline at high speed


Lundberg Tech has a solution to cut trims of recyclable material inline at high speed.


Lundberg Tech granulators equipped with hole shield can cut the waste into a specific size to significantly improve the recyclability.


Our granulators are the most advanced and reliable in the field of vacuum waste handling. The rotors are lathed and milled out of one piece for strength, ability to deliver high torque and superior cutting efficiency. They are extremely stable and can cut material of a thickness down to 8 microns depending on application.




Custom made cutting units


We manufacture custom-made granulators to handle extra wide waste materials. We can produce the granulator’s size to your specification, with inlet width varying from 50mm-1650mm and with stainless steel as an option.