LundbergTech News

Jun 6, 2017

Improve your waste handling system

The demand for waste handling is affected by many parameters: have you extended your production and installed new machines, replaced an old machine by a wider and faster one or just re-organized your layout?

You are running other materials or want to separate materials for recycling purposes? Or maybe you just want to improve your existing system due to continuous problems like oil leakages, too high oil consumption, usage of compress air, wear of anti-adhesive coating, lack of service and support or too high costs for re-sharpening services for your granulators/cutters?

Don’t hesitate to contact us!
We are keen to improve your existing system to reduce operation costs and make it more efficient!

Lundberg Tech is specialist in cutting and exhausting trims and die-cutting waste, and technology leader in processing self-adhesive matrix waste. We are dedicated to capture, convey, cut, collect and compact waste.

Cases in which your Waste Handling System needs an upgrade or service?
• You are struggling with blockages in the pipes during operation
• You can’t use the system for all your printing jobs
• You feel a lack of suction power so that you can’t use the system on all machines at the same time
• You are experiencing problems to cleaning the filters of the system manually
• Your exhausted air is not returned into the building
• You need a lot of oil in the system for operation, oiler is difficult to adjust properly
• You are facing oil leakages out of the piping system
• Service from supplier is bad and costs for re-sharpening are too high