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Aug 31, 2017

A Cut Above - Maximizing press efficiencies and minimizing downtime with Lundberg Tech’s MatrixCutter 140“

The Lundberg Tech MatrixCutter has surpassed our expectations. We are running waste into it at 500 feet per minute without any issues and our team loves how quiet it is. It’s a great unit and we are considering adding additional units in two other I.D. Images facilities within the coming year.

 — ID Images, LLC


 In a market where production efficiencies and on-time delivery are more important than ever before, label converters must continuously find ways to eliminate downtime and increase press speeds.

 Press stops due to matrix rewind tension control issues and tears create unnecessary production headaches that cost narrow web converters time and money. The Lundberg Tech MatrixCutter 140 is a single-press matrix waste handling solution designed to increase press speeds and eliminate downtime related to the handling and removal of matrix waste.The MatrixCutter 140 removes pressure sensitive matrix and edge trim waste at maximum press speeds. The waste is captured, cut up in the chopper, and automatically conveyed into a compactor for material densification. The benefits of installing the MatrixCutter 140 include:

• Elimination of press stoppages for matrix roll changes/removal and press downtime due to matrix web tension fluctuations.

• Labor and material savings, material is automatically removed via vacuum system eliminating the labor associated with wound matrix rolls. Additional ability to use narrower labelstock widths (yielding material savings).

• Space savings in the pressroom since the MatrixCutter compacts the waste, eliminating the need for matrix waste storage on the pressroom floor.

• Increased safety due to press operators not having to reach up, remove and lift heavy wound rolls of matrix waste.

• Increased press speeds due to the press operator no longer being dependent upon matrix rewind speed limitations.

• Matrix-rewinding dust and debris is eliminated, creating a cleaner pressroom environment and improved indoor air quality.

• System silencer minimizes plant noise pollution levels.

• Compacts matrix waste removal, facilitating recycling transport and making the label plant a more sustainable and ‘greener’ operation.

 The MatrixCutter 140 is an ideal waste handling system for pressure sensitive label converters wanting to increase productivity and lean manufacturing protocols. Lundberg Tech’s systems will have a direct impact on energy efficiencies, volume reduction and recycling options. Our systems are precision engineered to capture, convey, cut, collect and compact matrix, edge trim and die cut waste. To learn more about how we can help you achieve immediate results, contact us today.

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