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Sep 14, 2017

The Matrix is real

Never send a human to do a machine's job

Key Converter Goals:Never send a human to do a machines job

Maximize efficiency, minimize downtime

"The MatrixCutter has surpassed our expectations. We are running waste into it at 500 feet per minute without any issues and our team loves how quiet it is. It's a great unit and we are considering adding additional units in two other I.D. Images facil
ities within t
he coming year."
ID Images, LLC

In a market where production efficiencies and on-time delivery are more important than ever, label converters must continuously find ways to increase press speeds and eliminate downtime.

The MatrixCutter 140 is an ideal waste handling system for pressure sensitive label converters wanting to increase their productivity. 
These eight simple bullet points will show you how the MatrixCutter can help your operation cut downtime and improve efficiency...