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Jan 29, 2018

Inline recycling of trim to granulate

In a market where production efficiency is more important than ever, continuous focus on finding ways to reduce waste volume and eliminate downtime is crucial.


A Lundberg Tech central waste handling system can cover an unlimited number of process machines. The central system can cover the entire process as it will capture the waste from the process machine, deliver it in a designated recycling unit, and return cleaned air into the factory. The system is always customized to meet your needs. 











Trim and scrap generated during the extrusion as well as during the converting, coating and laminating of film, can be recycled without manual handling. The waste can even be separated depending on type. After being captured in the process machine it is cut to confetti sized pieces and diverted. In the end, the waste is conveyed to a specific collection unit where it is recycled. Everything is handled inline and is PLC controlled to avoid human interaction. This will definitely increase efficiency and recycling possibilities.



Benefits and advantages of a waste handling solution from Lundberg Tech


  • Significant reduction of volume
  • Non-stop production
  • No manual handling of waste
  • Less transports of waste
  • Less dust around the machines
  • Less space requirements in general and next to the machines