LundbergTech News

Jul 4, 2018

Searching for a solution for cutting trims of recyclable material inline at high speed?

Lundberg Tech granulators equipped with hole shield can cut the waste into a specific size for potential recycling.


Inline recycling of trims with Hole Shield Granulator

A successful test with Lundberg Tech’s Granulator GR200HS has been carried out with polystyrene trims with a thickness of 30 micron and running a speed of 100 m/min.

A constant target size of the cut material of 7-10 mm was achieved using the hole shield based on handling 20.000 m of trims. This enables inline recycling of trims with direct conveying to the silo, where it is stored before entering the extrusion line.

We recommend one hole shield granulator at each slitting station, see video below of the test.

Lundberg Tech produces all of our granulators in house. We get raw castings and carbide knives and then produce on the granulator our lathe, milling and grinding machines. We are able to meet the tightest tolerance and have flexibility to customize it to your needs.





We are able to manufacture granulators based on your specifications with inlet width from 55mm and upwards and even in stainless steel if required. This type of granulators is typically used for fairly stiff materials and if it is required that the granulator is built into the process machine close to the point where the waste is captured.

If you need further information, please contact us.