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Aug 16, 2018

Eleven simple bullets point will show you how to reduce downtime and increase productivity with matrix waste removal

Lundberg Tech's MatrixCompactor One-to-Four All-in-one unit is a cut above in maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime.

MatrixCompactor All-in-one units are designed to handle matrix and edge trim waste from one to four label printing and converting machines even with adhesives. Matrix and edge trim is captured directly at the machine and cut into small pieces in a cutter. Afterwards it is conveyed through a piping system by vacuum created by a material handling fan. In the end the waste is compacted in the integrated WasteCompactor.

"The MatrixCompactor has surpassed our expectations. We are running waste into it at 500 feet per minute without any issues and our team loves how quiet it is. It's a great unit and we are considering adding additional units in two other I.D. Images facilities within the coming year."

ID Images, LLC

Benefits and advantages:

  • Nonstop production: no stops to change the rewound trim roll, 24/7 non-stop production is possible.
  • Higher production speed and productivity: re-winding waste will not be a bottleneck anymore. Maximum speed of the label press is supported.
  • No matrix breaks: constant tension, less matrix breaks due to tension problems associated with  rewinding.
  • Reduction of waste: Cutting waste from process machines reduces the volume of waste. The density of the chopped material is many times higher than of endless trims.
  • Minimum web required: It is not necessary to have enough matrix material for rewinding.
  • More space available: No extra space around the process machine is needed for waste collection.
  • Cost reduction: Automated waste removal without personnel taking care of waste disposal.
  • Improved outward appearance: no visible waste around the machine.
  • Quality improvement: Operators can spend their time on initiating and controlling the printing processes instead of taking care of waste disposal.
  • No dust: No dust around the machines as the dust created by converting processes on the printing machine is captured by vacuum.
  • Better work environment: No manual handling of waste required by workers. No manual lifts and the environment around the equipment is clean.


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