LundbergTech News

Sep 4, 2018

New Cutter GR250X

For wide, thick and stiff trims and other heavy duty applications.

 Lundberg Tech is proud to present our newest addition to our line of cutters and granulators.

The GR250X can easily cut wide, thick and stiff trim that would normally generate big volumes of waste. 

The GR250X can handle air volume up to 8000 m3 (4,700 cfm) and can be installed in pipe systems with diameters from 200 to 450 mm (8" to 18"), it can even be installed by plug and play in existing systems.

Speed is not a limitation as it can handle waste up to 2500 m/min (8,200 fpm).

Granulators and cutters can be customized to meet your needs. This includes, but is not limited to, the number of blades on the rotor. Adding blades to the rotor greatly increases how fast material can be cut.

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