LundbergTech News

Dec 12, 2018

Does anyone really need four calling birds?

How about four calling birds? only in the holiday song. And, certainly, not squawking outside your window.

But four-in-one waste compacting. Now that's something to sing about.

Four is also the number of presses that you can connect to the MatrixCompactor 400 from Lundberg Tech. This new All-in-one unit is designed to handle matrix and edge trim waste for up to four label and converting machines - even with adhesives. Of course, if you have fewer than four presses - there’s a MatrixCompactor for you as well.

 And the best part? Lundberg Tech’s All-in-one waste management solutions run at the same time as the rest of the press - resulting in no more waste, no more downtime and a dust-free environment.

So let’s skip the four calling birds and go right to the video on All-in-one MatrixCompactors from Lundberg Tech.



And be sure to check out the new MatrixCompactor 400 at our site.


Go on and click - it’s sure to put you in the holiday mood.