LundbergTech News

Jan 16, 2019

Are you drowning in waste?

Introducing the newest waste handling device from Lundberg Tech - the WasteBagCut

Now you can reduce the volume of start-up waste from a blown film line, rolls of paper or film (including shrink and stretch) material that have not passed inspection and any other uncontained rolls of film or paper scrap with the Lundberg Tech WasteBagCut automated extraction system. Perfect for disposing of full width rolls of “off spec” labels - something no other product in the North American market can do today. The Lundberg Tech WasteBagCut can connect multiple capturing points and then can convey the waste over long distances in an offline or factory-wide centralized system.

A Lundberg Tech WasteBagCut system consists of:

  • Feeder roll system transports waste into the granulator
  • Granulator reduces size and volume by cutting the waste into confetti
  • Waste Tech All-in-one unit conveys waste to a disposal point


So if you’re looking for a better solution for disposing of full width rolls, film, and
paper waste - click on our video to see how it works.