Eticod – Label Converting

ETICOD, a label printing company based in Katowice, Poland, has found a new ally in their production process

With their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, ETICOD has earned a reputation as a leader in the production of self-adhesive labels. They specialise in a wide range of labels, including those printed on foil, paper, and construction materials. Their portfolio also features multi-layer peel-off labels, tickets, and special application labels.

Looking to optimise their waste handling process and further prioritise productivity and sustainability, ETICOD has found a solution from Lundberg Tech: A MatrixCompactor 200 including two Granulators to cut the waste.

Upon installation in June 2023, it quickly became evident that the automated waste handling unit was a game-changer for ETICOD. The positive impact of the MatrixCompactor on their production process was immediate:

“By cutting the matrix and edge trim into small pieces, the Lundberg Tech unit effectively reduces the volume of our waste”, explains Aron Huć, Vice-President, ETICOD sp. z.o.o.


He adds,

“The automated unit not only improves the daily waste handling process but also eliminates the need for manual handling of heavy matrix rolls. This relieves the burden on our staff and creates a safer and more pleasant working environment. Furthermore, the reduction in production stops has resulted in an increased production throughput”.

“All waste is now being collected centrally, which frees up space in the production area. Another significant benefit is the reduction in material usage due to fewer production stops ”, Huć continues.


“We are highly satisfied with our waste handling unit making the life in production more efficient and significantly boosting productivity ”, Aron Huć concludes.



— ETICOD sp. z.o.o.