Pilot Italia – Label Converting

A reliable and efficient waste handling solution


“We would like to express our satisfaction with our Lundberg Tech Central System for waste handling”, states Andrea Vimercati, Chief Operating Officer, Pilot Italia.


As a producer of labels for various industries including foods, packaging, pharmaceuticals, wines, beverages, and other specialties, Pilot Italia understands the importance of efficient waste management in their operations.

Vimercati continues,

“Having 55 years of experience in producing self-adhesive labels, we can confidently say that the installation of the Lundberg Tech Central Waste Handling System in 2011 has greatly contributed to the productivity and efficiency of our facility. Being long-time users of this waste handling system, we have witnessed firsthand the numerous benefits it brings to our operations”.


The mechanical installation was carried out in collaboration with Lundberg Tech’s Italian partner, FDM.


“We highly appreciate the reliability and effectiveness of the Lundberg Tech waste handling system. It has significantly improved the overall efficiency of our waste management processes, allowing us to focus more on our core business of producing quality labels”, Vimercati finishes.



Exploring the Waste Handling System at Pilot Italia

The set-up of the waste handling system is seamlessly integrated into the production process of Pilot Italia. The captured matrix and edge trim waste from 11 printing machines and edge trim from 13 slitting machines is cut into small pieces by the Lundberg Tech Granulators. Through the transport ventilator, the waste is then blown into the separator, where the air is released through a screen, allowing the waste to drop effortlessly into the compactor. The Lundberg Tech waste handling system has proved to be effective in handling various materials, including matrix and edge trim paper and plastic materials, both with and without open glue.

In conclusion, Pilot Italia wholeheartedly recommends the Lundberg Tech waste handling system to any business looking for a reliable and efficient waste management solution.


Picture: Production Manager, Marcello Bernasconi


— Pilot Italia