Digital Etikett – Label Converting

An All-in-one Unit to handle waste at Digital Etikett has a direct impact on the operation of their machinery leading to higher throughput and reduced heavy lifts

Digital Etikett AS is a Norwegian company situated in the city Gaupne. The business concept is to make labels, and always deliver all labels on rolls.

To further pursue their goal to make improvements for a more sustainable environment and to ensure a more flexible and streamlined waste handling process, Digital Etikett has invested in a Lundberg Tech MatrixCompactor. This All-in-one Unit is a complete waste capturing system. At Digital Etikett the MatrixCompactor handles waste from 4 machines by capturing the self-adhesive matrix and trims.

“Working with Lundberg Tech has been a long time coming for us at Digital Etikett. Seeing the system in use by our peers in the industry set us on track to invest in the machinery”, Øyvin Tørvi, Factory Manager at Digital Etikett AS explains.


He continues,

“Our initial thoughts were that the system would provide simple waste handling and that we would be able to focus more on our work with the system installed in our factory. However, after the installation was complete, I’m happy to say that our expectations were not just met but exceedingly delivered upon. We are not just having an easier waste management, but it has also had a direct impact on the operation of our machinery. Higher throughput in all processes concerning matrix and web stripping. Added benefits for ergonomics and reducing the number of heavy lifts our employees do each day, makes the Lundberg Tech MatrixCompactor system a success from day one”.

“From the get-go the process was quick and easy, with minimal waste of time. We had a screening of our factory, then we figured where each module should be situated and finally installation and training. All in all about a week to install a completely new system and training. The system has been working flawlessly since the installation”, Øyvin Tørvi finishes.


— Digital Etikett AS