KEK – Kaschierungen – Roll-to-roll Processing

One WasteTech soon led to another WasteTech and with this an optimised waste handling process for KEK – Kaschierungen GmbH, part of the Continental Group

KEK – Kaschierungen GmbH belongs to the automotive supplier Continental Group. As leading laminating service provider they laminate an extensive variety of materials for car interiors and seats, such as artificial leather, foam, textile materials and vlies in a numerous variety and processes.

In 2019 KEK – Kaschierungen decided they wanted to optimise their waste handling process and started to investigate possibilities to reach the goal. Lundberg Tech was an obvious choice, and a dialogue was initiated. At the end of 2019 a Lundberg Tech rental system was installed at KEK – Kaschierungen: A WasteTech 140-140U including a frequency converter and a TubeBag system for a 24/7 non stop production.

“We made numerous tests with the WasteTech in our production – all of them with successe”, explains Shafagh Nosrati, Head of Technical Services, KEK – Kaschierungen GmbH.

He adds, “With the system from Lundberg Tech we eliminated the manual capturing of the trims to the waste bin which was inconvenient and time consuming. Further to this we experienced a significant volume reduction down to 1/10 of the initial volume”.

Daniel Schott, ESH- Project Management at KEK – Kaschierungen GmbH further adds, “The process optimisation we achieved in our production with the WasteTech convinced us to buy the rental system in February 2020”.


At the beginning of 2021 KEK – Kaschierungen GmbH decided to make even further improvements in their production area by investing in a second system from Lundberg Tech.


“We have been very satisfied with our first WasteTech from Lundberg Tech, and therefore contacted them again to talk about an investment in a second WasteTech. We now have two systems and have achieved an even more efficient waste handling process”, Shafagh Nosrati concludes.


— KEK – Kaschierungen GmbH