Rifa Etichette – Label Converting

Rifa Etichette has experienced extensive economic, time and raw material savings with a Lundberg Tech Central System

Rifa Etichette s.r.l. was founded in 1972. Today the Italian company is managed by 3 siblings: Nicola, Elisabetta and Alessio Fanchin.

The business focus is on self-adhesive labels for various industries, most important are: Food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, cleaning and chemistry, industrial as well as wine, beer, and spirits.

A desire to optimise their production set up, and an ambition to actively participate in and support the environmental sustainability chain, made Rifa look for an automated waste handling solution. In this connection FDM, the Lundberg Tech partner in Italy, has played a vital role in counselling Rifa Etichette in the investment in a tailored Central System for matrix and trim handling.

“Before the Central System was installed, we faced approx 12m2 of material waste each hour per machine because of machine downtime when changing the matrix rewinder reel. In our factory our production runs 9-11 machines in 2 shifts, 13 hours per day – all in all 225 working days per year. This means 300,000-350,000 m2 of material wasted every year ”, Alessio Fanchin, Area Manager at Rifa Etichette states.

“We are saving approx EUR 200,000 per year with a Central System from Lundberg Tech”, explains Alessio Fanchin. He continues, “Further to this we have yearly savings in disposal costs for approx EUR 5-7,000 and an increase in productivity of 2,500 hours”.

“Our Central System has shown to be a favorable investment and we are therefore very satisfied with the solution designed and installed by Lundberg Tech,” Alessio Fanchin finishes.


— Rifa Etichette