Granulator & Cutter

Lundberg Tech performs in-house development and manufacturing of an extensive cutter and granulator product line with a high quality and cutting efficiency.

The cutter and granulators is used in exhaust systems  for trim, matrix and skeleton removal.

Since 1981 Lundberg Tech cutters and granulators have been the foundation of our vacuum waste handling systems, which is handling  a variety of materials, which include paper, cardboard, plastics, rubber, textiles, nonwovens, laminates, tapes and labels.

Lundberg Tech's cutter and granulators  are well-known for their:

  • Increased air speed through and under the cutting process
  • High cutting efficiency
  • Ability to cut very thin materials, down to 5-10 micrometer
  • Easy adjustability
  • Very long lifetimes: granulators more than 25 years old are still operating
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Oil system performing by gravity without compresses air
  • Possibility for many repairs of fixed knife and rotor

These features are ensured by:

  • Constant in-house development
  • Construction with a high stability
  • Special composites of hard metal on the cutting edges
  • Multiple screws for adjusting the fixed blade
  • Conical entrance to the cutting area

Lundberg Tech's cutter and granulator product line is divided into two conceptsHousing of cast Iron

Lundberg Tech Granulator GR 80

Lundberg Tech Granulator GR 140

Lundberg Tech Granulator GR 200

Lundberg Tech Granulator GR 250

Download datasheets in PDF formatHousing machined  with flexible entrance. The concept is based on the ability to manufacture a cutter with a specific entrance measurements from 55 mm to at present 580 mm. 

Lundberg Tech Granulator GR 55

Lundberg Tech Granulator GR 70

Lundberg Tech Granulator GR 420


Each type of cutter and granulator can be supplied in various versions:

U – standard basic unit

MS – inclusive oil tank and in-house lubrication system

MS Matrix- inclusive oil tank, in-house lubrication system and inside anti stick coating

HS – with hole shield

EW – knives with extra wear resistance

Number of knives on the rotor – 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 or 12

Motor – with fixed speed 1.400 / 2.800 rpm and motor with variable speed

Cutting efficiency, long life time, waste in the length desired  and no blocking is for you the guarantee for success using  the Lundberg Tech cutter and granulators.

For these types download datasheets in PDF format, or contact our Techinal support.