Film Extrusion is Best Supported by Waste Handling

Your flat or blown film extrusion lines are most likely operating 24/7 and therefore automated waste handling is necessary. The objective of the waste handling system is to support the effectiveness of the extrusion process as well as to handle the trim waste in spite of the web width and type of material extruded. 
trim removal from blown film extrusion

The waste handling system is always ready to operate

Over the years Lundberg Tech has installed a number of waste handling systems for extrusion of among others PE, HDPE, OPP films and multiple layer film. These systems have proven that by no means waste handling is the bottleneck in the film extrusions.

Commonly, operating 24/7 in the extrusion demands a highly automated and self-operating Central System. Lundberg Tech has the ability to design and install such a Central System covering multiple number of extrusion lines.

If waste from only one film extrusion line or a limited number of extrusion lines must be handled the Lundberg Tech All-in-one Units are a great alternative.

Both the Lundberg Tech designed Central Systems and All-in-one Units are equipped with our own developed and manufactured Granulator. The Granulator can cut film regardless of thickness, down to 8 microns and with a width up to 660mm.

waste extrusion system

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