Central Systems

Customised to your waste handling needs

In our Project Department we design central waste handling systems tailored specifically to your needs. A central waste handling system can ensure central collection of waste from an unlimited number of machines in your production, allowing an efficient and continuous production.

In a Central System the waste is very often transported to one or more collection points outside your building, allowing for easy removal of the waste and ensuring your factory floor space can be used for production machines rather than waste and bins. A Central System can also be designed with recycling in mind, so that the waste generated at a machine is directed to a specific collection point – helping your company to produce more sustainable.

The design of a Central System typically starts by analysing the overall need for waste handling in your facility, e.g. number and placement of machines, amount and types of material and machine speeds. Once we have gathered the information needed, we can make a proposal for a bespoke waste collection system for your facility. Don´t worry if you do not have all the above information. We very likely have experience from a similar production like yours and can guide you to an optimal solution for your waste handling needs.

The possibilities with a central waste handling system are almost unlimited, and we can handle anything from a high-speed edge trim to wide and sticky self-adhesive matrix waste.

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