TrimCutter and PackTrimCutter

TrimCutter 80 connected to Grafotronic finishing machine

Need a smooth, All-in-one edge trim removal system?

The movable units on wheels, the TrimCutter and PackTrimCutter, are included in the Lundberg Tech All-in-one Unit product range. These units are very suitable to capture, convey, cut and collect edge trim and die cut waste materials from one production or packaging machine.

TrimCutter and PackTrimCutter are all equipped with a transport ventilator which can operate up to 900m3/h of air volume, a Granulator, separator, filter and a bag holder. The difference of the two units is the height, filter system, noise level, colour and options available.

The TrimCutter and the PackTrimCutter can also play a major role in material separation as the units can be used for collecting material to be recycled and thus support sustainability in your production and packaging process. Today the TrimCutter is mainly used in the label and flexible packing industry and the PackTrimCutter mainly in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

In relation to handling different types of materials there are no limitations and differences for each of the units in their ability to handle materials such as paper, plastic film, laminated film, non-woven, woven and thermoforming material.

Both the TrimCutter and the PackTrimCutter can be delivered with a range of options such as:

  • Level sensor for detection of full bags
  • Antistatic bars for removal of static electricity from the material processed
  • Non-stick inside coating and oil system for handling adhesive materials
  • Oil system for handling adhesive materials


In addition, the PackTrimCutter can be delivered with:

  • Front cover to protect and hide the bag
  • Extra sound insulation


Furthermore, the TrimCutter can be delivered with:

  • Height extension for more volume in the bag
  • Endless bags – TubeBag for continuous operation


Today more than 315 of the TrimCutter and PackTrimCutter Units are serving production and packaging machines all over the world. If you want to try these units a renting scheme is also available.

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