The Lundberg Tech WasteCompactor suits any needs

Our WasteCompactor is a screw auger waste compactor that works in tandem with our All-in-one series of waste collection units as well as our Central Systems.

The WasteCompactor ensures that waste captured and cut is compacted into either a “sausage style” TubeBag or directly into a container.

What is a WasteCompactor?

The WasteCompactor can be used directly as an add-on to our All-in-one Units. It can also be part of a Central System – the WasteCompactor can be used where waste needs to be grouped in certain fractions. 

The WasteCompactor is available in four different sizes:

  1. WasteCompactor 80
  2. WasteCompactor 250
  3. WasteCompactor 750
  4. WasteCompactor 1500

The number reflects the capacity of the unit in kg per hour.

The WasteCompactor series can be used for compaction of a wide range of different materials, like: Paper, plastic, rubber, textile, non-woven, film, self-adhesive material, release liner etc.

Contact us today if you are interested in knowing more about our WasteCompactor series for your waste handling application.