Well-known All-in-one vacuum waste handling units

The Lundberg Tech WasteTech All-in-one Units range provides efficient waste handling for a wide range of applications, including printing, packing and other production machines

The range of WasteTech All-in-one Units has an air capacity range from 900 to 10000 m2 per hour, which means that we can handle anywhere from a single machine up to 20 production machines. The WasteTech series can capture, cut, convey and collect many types of process waste including trims, matrix and die cuts.

The WasteTech typically comes equipped with one or more of our own designed and manufactured Granulators. Furthermore the WasteTech comes fully equipped with ventilator, sound silencers, waste separator, air filter and bag holder.

All WasteTech Units can be delivered with numerous options:

  • Endless bags – TubeBag for continuous operation
  • Height extension for more volume in the bag
  • Level sensor for full bag
  • Antistatic bars for removal of static electricity from the material processed
  • Non-stick inside coating and oil system for handling adhesive materials
  • Oil system for handling adhesive materials
  • Frequency converter for adjusting suction power
  • Other types of filter systems, including automatic self-cleaning filter
  • Compactor for compacting the waste – e.g. our WasteCompactor
  • More Granulators with all Granulators outside the cabinet

all in one unit in place in a factory
The WasteTech is a unique unit, which keeps your production going by providing efficient waste handling. Moreover, the WasteTech can help you prepare your waste for recycling as part of your circular economy plans.

Lundberg Tech also installs waste handling systems around the world in which the All-in-one Units form the collection unit for the materials that should be recycled. This is often done in combination with a Central System handling the material where recycling is not currently possible.

WasteTech All-in-one Unit

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