Introducing Lundberg Tech’s NEW SheetCutter

Cutting edge SheetCutter – efficient waste management

Lundberg Tech proudly presents the NEW SheetCutter 1100 and 1650 models.

The SheetCutter is a versatile modular Granulator. It excels in cutting paper, cardboard and plastic skeletons as well as matrixes generated from high-speed die cutting processes and thermoforming applications, accommodating widths of up to 1650 mm.

The cutting system of the SheetCutter is expertly crafted using a modular Granulator rotor/fixed knife system, with each module measuring 275 mm in length.

This system is incorporated into a housing, extending its functionality to cut wide webs of rigid materials, such as thermoformed and carton material.

By utilising the power of the modular Granulator system, the SheetCutter offers a robust solution for handling various types of waste materials, making it an invaluable addition to any production line.

The SheetCutter waste handling solution is carefully developed to deliver reliable performance and solid durability for your operation.

SheetCutter 1100 with funnel
Shredder for bulk waste connected to vacuum waste handling system

With its user-friendly design and minimal maintenance requirements, the SheetCutter ensures seamless integration into your production line while minimising downtime.

By combining the SheetCutter with Lundberg Tech’s waste handling units, the All-in-one Units or a Central System, you can achieve a comprehensive waste handling solution that optimises efficiency throughout your operations.

From start to finish, Lundberg Tech supports you on your waste management journey. Our team of experts will provide guidance and assistance, ensuring that the SheetCutter seamlessly integrates into your production environment. Contact us today and let us show you how the SheetCutter can positively impact your waste handling processes, improving efficiency.

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