Matrix Waste Removal

Matrix waste removal system for self-adheasive labels is a necessity in modern production.

Non-stop operation is critical to cover the cost of your equipment and recoup a respectable profit. In order to maintain maximum productivity speed when producting self-adheasive stickers and labels Lundberg Tech has developed a matrix waste removal system for printing and converting machines, handling waste from wide range of materials.

Matrix breakage and line interruption represents a threat to that goal of non-stop production. the operation is stopped when the rewound waste has to be removed, all this extra work and attention from the machine operator is removed with at matrix waste handling system from Lundberg Tech.

The removal of trim and matrix waste, if not managed properly, can create a production back-up. An Lundberg Tech waste removal system can give you piece of mind in knowing that you will not be worrying about downtime due to waste issues.

Lundberg Tech’s matrix waste collection and handling systems are well-known for:

• Energy efficient compared to venture systems
• Higher production speed achievable compared to spooled matrix removal
• Better work environment - No employee risk for back injury related to heavy matrix spool removal
• Production increase - No matrix breaks because of slow difficult spooling
• Continuous production-line collection of the waste matrix through a funnel