Vacuum Waste Handling

Lundberg Tech is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of waste handling systems “from the production line to the collection unit”. What are we do is decribed 7 C’s.


Convert Waste


Waste in the process line where it is created. It enables higher production speed, less down time, while removing dust from production lines.


Waste by vacuum transport in pipe system. Can cover unlimited distances an amount of machines.


Waste with the unique and reliable granulator. It adds value by reducing the volume and easily conveys the waste over long distances.


Waste in a sack, TubeBag or container. Flexible in placement for a clean waste handling process and easy disposal.


Waste by a compactor into a container, bales or TubeBags. It reduces both space requirements for waste and cost of disposal


Envirenment as dust particles, created in the process, are removed.


Our waste handling keeps production going.