Efficient intralogistic waste handling

Maximize productivity, reduce space usage and limit manual handling of waste. Lundberg Tech systems handle in-line and offline warehouse waste, such as: Waste from cargo reception, anti-slip paper, pallet liners, pallet cover, bags, strips, stretch and shrink films.

Intralogistics is an essential part of well-designed supply chain strategy and with the specialized high-bay warehouses and automated goods distribution systems efficiency is king!

Speedy delivery of goods to consumers is a demand and waste generated during unpackaging and packaging of goods should not be the bottleneck.

Lundberg Tech systems reduces the human interactions, manual transportation of waste and heavy lifting when moving waste, by automating the waste handling.

Lundberg Tech efficient waste handling systems remove the waste where it is created. It is captured with vacuum, cut to small size by the granulator and with ease convey to the collection point, where it gets compacted to reduce the volume.



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