Efficient production of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Worldwide the demand for PPE is growing and for manufactures of all kind of PPE an efficient production is the key to on-time delivery and meeting customers' expectations. Most production processes of single use PPE creates waste in form of edge trims, cut- and punch outs. At high speed production lines, the waste material can easily become a bottle neck to remove, as it quickly builds up.

Efficient face mask production

The production of face masks is a typical example of PPE production where high-speed machines create a waste product in form of an edge trim. With a Lundberg Tech all-in-one unit manufacturers of face masks can easily overcome the waste challenge. A Lundberg Tech WasteTech All-in-one unit can quickly be installed next to a face mask production line and capture all the edge trim waste. After capturing the waste the WasteTech will cut the facemask edge trim into smaller pieces and convey these to the central unit and gather the waste in either a disposable bag or compact the waste in a WasteCompactor. For larger manufacturing sites a central system can also be installed, removing all waste away from the production floor and transporting it to a central container outside the main facility.

Benefits of using automated waste handling:

  • Reduced manual labour
  • Waste is cut into smaller pieces resulting in higher density in waste bags
  • Waste is removed from the production equipment, enabling non-stop production
  • Cleaner production environment


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