GOEBEL IMS Slitter waste handling

GOEBEL IMS is a leading provider of slitter rewinders for converting paper and board, tobacco, films, alufoil, aseptic packaging and other special materials. Their range of products includes slitter rewinders and winding machines for the production and converting process.
Waste handling of trims from Goebel IMS slitters can easily by a Lundberg Tech system.
With more than 30 different types of machines, GOEBEL IMS offers the right technical solution for every application, such as two-drum winders, advanced slitter rewinders, automatic reelers and inspection winders. With state-of-the-art technology, paper manufacturers and converting operations can virtually process any kind of paper like coated or uncoated papers and board. These materials include especially delicate and pressure sensitive papers such as technical papers, thermal papers, filter papers, laminated papers, fine-art papers and many others.

Lundberg Tech trim handling system are designed to fit every GOEBEL IMS machine.

There is more than 11.000 GOEBEL IMS machines around the world and all of them can be fitted with a waste extraction system from Lundberg Tech.

Lundberg Tech have wide range of solutions to handle trim waste.
Production waste from a running GOEBEL IMS machines can extracted with a WasteTech 200 it can capture it at running speeds up to 1200m/min, cut it to confetti sizes pieces, pneumatic convey it to collection point in a sack or compact it in a baler.

If you have multiple GOEBEL IMS machines we recommend a centralized trim handling system, covering all slitters and removing all trim waste from production into on centralized collection point. Giving the advantage of unleashing the full speed of GOEBEL IMS and to ensure maximum output and maintain a clean work area.
The immediate removal of trim waste at it source on the GOEBEL IMS machine is a essential requirement, this is where our trim handling system excel. Lundberg Tech waste handling systems can extract trims from machines running more than 2000 m/min, speed is never the limitation.