Matrix remover

A matrix remover removes the waste material from printed or blank pre die-cut rolls of labels.

Perfect full bleed labels can be produced on pre die cut media after the waste material is removed.
The production of edge-to-edge printed labels on roll becomes very easy and fast.

The MatrixCompactor is designed to handle adhesive matrix and edge trim waste from up to four label printing and converting machines. The machine is a matrix remover. Matrix and edge trim is captured directly in the machine and cut into small pieces in a granulator and transported through piping system by a transport ventilator followed by the waste being compacted in the integrated WasteCompactor.

With a matrix remover from Lundberg Tech A/S you will benefit from a number of advantages such as:

  • Increased machine speed as waste is no limitation
  • Reduced downtime as waste handling is always ready
  • No heavy lift by personal when handling waste material
  • No dust around the machines as the created dust is conveyed by the vacuum system
  • Reduced volume of waste by cutting and compacting the waste
  • Cost savings regarding disposal of the waste

The Lundberg Tech MatrixCompactor consists of Funnel, Silencer, Granulator, Pipe system, Ventilator with silencer inside the cabinet, Separator, Filter, WasteCompactor