Removal of packaging material residues

Efficient removal of trim residues is important to keep a high level of productivity in any industrial production, to ensure a modern and high throughput of production.

Trim removal system from Lundberg Tech

Lundberg Tech systems for removal of edge trim, centre trim and punching residues feature safe, continuous operation, high collection capacity and easy removal of packaging material residues.

Lundberg Tech suction devices can be used for removal of edge trim, centre trim and punching waste;

Winding devices to remove edge trim or complete film trim lattices are not needed as all the waste is captured by vacuum suction, cut to confetti sized pieces, conveyed to disposal point where it is collected in a bag or compacted in order to reduce the volume.

Easy to install and connect

Our waste removal equipment can easily be applied to existing packing machines, where packaging material residues are removed from either one machine or multiple machines. We have different solutions and our WasteTech All-in-one units can remove packaging material residues from up to 16 machines, depending on the configuration. Our equipment can be configured to ensure no downtime, interuption or suction loss when changing of bag or container with our unique TubeBag system or WasteCompactor.

It can be applied among others to the following machinery:

-          Multivac
-          Sealpac
-          GEA
-          VC999
-          VEMAG
-          Variovac

 Our waste extraction system can furthermore both be incorporated into an existing waste removal system or be supplied as part of a complete centralized system.

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