Vision & Mission

Ever since the establishment of Lundberg Tech, we have been committed to continued improvement of our performance in order to exceed our customer’s expectations and to fulfil our mission of bringing added value to each customer’s business.

To support this commitment, Lundberg Tech works closely with our customers and partners to jointly develop solutions that have a positive impact on lifetime operational costs and safety issues. From initial conceptual design to final on-site commissioning, Lundberg Tech’s staff is always committed to ensuring a close, proactive relationship with customers in order to optimise design and supply.

Safety, ethics and environmental concerns are incorporated in our products, making us a responsible business partner.

We wish to create value for our customers, by offering them innovative and creative solutions by applying the latest technology. At the same time, we want to be a responsible business partner with a good working environment, where safety and ethics are a priority.

Our vision is to be perceived as the first choice and world leading supplier of inline vacuum waste handling systems.

Lundberg Tech Granulator