Flexible Packaging

Edge Trim and Die-cutting Waste Removal Systems

Lundberg Tech is the leading supplier of efficient waste handling systems for the Flexible Packaging Industry. We are very experienced in capturing, cutting, conveying, collecting and compacting trim and die-cutting as well as confetti waste from slitting rewinding, punching, coating and laminating machines. Our innovative systems are designed to process all kind of materials such as paper, plastic, foil, aluminium and laminates.

Your benefits from a Lundberg Tech waste handling system:

  • Reduction of the waste volume down to 10-15% of the initial volume of endless trims.
  • Energy consumption significant lower than by conventional venturi and injector systems.
  • Increased machine speed as rewinding of trims is no limitation.
  • 24/7 non-stop production, reduced downtimes results in a higher productivity.
  • No heavy lifts and waste disposal activities by operators.
  • No dust around the machines as the created dust is sucked away by the vacuum system.
  • More production space by less waste containers inside the factory.
  • Cost reduction for disposal and reduction of manpower resources for waste handling.
  • Improved recycling possibilities. Reduced disposal costs.
  • Return on investment below 2 years.
  • Increased environmental, health and safety awareness in your production.

With more than 30 years experience and over 3500 installations worldwide Lundberg Tech will be your professional and reliable partner that will make the difference and make your Trim Removal Systems a success!


Why Lundberg Tech:

  • Granualtors range serving all kind of materials, thicknesses, web width and machine speeds.
  • Increased airflow through the granulator as well as rotor made in one piece ensuring a high cutting efficiency and extremely long life time of the knives.
  • Special anti-wear coating prolongs lifetime of the knives up to four times longer than conventional hard metal knives when processing abrasive materials.
  • Transport ventilator designed to meet booth the required air amount and pressure loss.
  • Frequency converters ensure always the right air speed and suction power.
  • State-of the art technology for fully automated and PLC controlled material separation systems.
  • Returning of the chopped waste directly back into the production process.

Lundberg Tech provide you a customized solution for your processes:
Slitting rewinding, Extrusion, Coating, Laminating, Punching, Stand-pouches, Bag making, Cone winding.