Service & Repair

Lundberg Tech offers an outstanding service to their customers!
In-house manufacturing and grinding service enables us to process your request immediately.
Spare parts for all granulator types on stock, ready for dispatch within hours.

A wide service partner network around the world enables Lundberg Tech to be close to customers and installations. Lundberg Tech makes your request for service and maintenance to highest priority.


Please contact Lundberg Tech Customer Service:

+45 4498 3585 or


Lundberg Tech support you in:

  • Re-sharpening service on Lundberg Tech granulators 
  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) activities of your Lundberg Tech ‘all-in-one unit’or ‘central system’
  • Re-sharpening of granulators from other suppliers
  • Improvement, maintenance and state-of-the-art upgrade of your existing extraction system from other supplier