Matrix Waste Removal

A matrix waste removal system for self-adhesive labels is a necessity in any modern production facility. With a matrix removal system from Lundberg Tech your company can increase its productivity while at the same time lowering your costs substantially.

An efficient matrix funnel system increases your productivity

Non-stop operation is critical to cover the cost of your equipment and recoup a respectable profit. To maintain maximum productivity-speed when producing self-adhesive stickers and labels, Lundberg Tech has developed a matrix waste removal system for printing and converting machines, that can handle waste from a wide range of materials.

Matrix breakage and line interruptions represent a great threat to achieving full productivity. The entire production is stopped when the rewound waste must be removed, and therefore it can cause a production back-up, which affects your entire production.

However, with a matrix removal system from Lundberg Tech, and all this extra work is removed. Our waste removal system is especially designed to ensure full productivity and automatize the entire matrix removal process.

Our matrix removal systems come with many advantages

Lundberg Tech’s matrix waste collection and handling systems are used in many countries throughout the world due to their extremely high efficiency. Our products come with many advantages and there are especially well-known for their:

• High energy efficiency compared to venture systems
• Higher production speed compared to spooled matrix removal
• Their contribution to a better work environment - Your employees do not risk back injuries due to heavy matrix spool removal
• It’s production increase - No matrix breaks because of slow difficult spooling
• Continuous production-line collection of the waste matrix through a funnel

Contact us for further information

At Lundberg Tech we have more than 30 years of experience regarding both manufacturing and development of Matrix funnel systems as well as when it comes to advising companies on how to choose the right solution for handling their waste issues.

Our excellent sales team is always waiting by the phones to answer all your questions. Contact us today and let us help your company.